Dustyn Yust, Dominic Megalli & Zach Lewis at RanchStyle 2013. The contest was a complete success  and all three athletes had a blast. Dustyn dominated the AM class. Dom, well was Dom and blasted twice as large as anyone showing that landings are just a placement for those who would wish to use them. Zach had to ride with his hand in a temporary cast do to a busted thumb from the night before in best trick (no lose as he said, he just wanted to ride with his friends). When all was said and done though the boys left their footprints all over the Ranches soil…. Now headed off to the Out Laws of Dirt so hope to see you all there.


Vail Mountain Games

Congratulations to Zach Lewis for taking 4th place at the Vail Mountain Games.  Dominic Megalli was on hand but unfortunately took a hard fall in warm ups fracturing his tailbone. Get Well Soon. The Team is now looking forward to the summer Mountain Games and having another strong showing. Thanks to Plus Size BMX for the video recap of the weekend. Daily Fave: Mountain Games Big Air


Troy McMurray Benefit

Story by ESPN Action Sports

Last week, veteran X Games BMX Dirt and Park rider Troy McMurray was hospitalized at a Denver, Colo. area hospital and diagnosed with multiple pulmonary embolisms. McMurray, now in his late 30s, lives and works in the Denver area, and continues to ride from time to time. He turned pro in 1995, and boasted sponsors that included S&M Bikes, Puma Footwear (where he had a signature shoe) and XS components. He had ridden in multiple X Games events, executed notorious one-handed 360s for S&M ads, and was once awarded the “Tough As Nails” trophy by the organizers of the Bicycle Stunt Series for his efforts. McMurray was also one of the early pioneers of brakeless and pegless riders, innovating moves such as truckdriver fakes, 360s to smith grinds and barspin gaps. In 2002, McMurray left the pro spotlight and returned to full-time work as a carpenter.

“Sometimes, you just got to get out of the way of somebody else’s dreams. I feel that I had my time in the sun and that it was time for someone else to shine and achieve their dreams,” said McMurray in a 2010 interview with ESPN.

Last week, locals in the Denver area reported that McMurray was hospitalized for blood clots on his lungs, which were later diagnosed as multiple pulmonary embolisms (blockages in the arteries in his lungs.) On top of a lengthy hospital stay, McMurray will require medical assistance in the future, and he will not be able to return to work anytime soon. Ted Van Orman, a Denver local, recently set up a medical fundraiser site to raise funds for McMurray and his family. “Troy is not one to ask for help, but with his second daughter on the way, his family could really use a boost,” said Van Orman. “He has been an inspiration to many of us in the BMX world and any kind of donation would be greatly appreciated by Troy and his family.”

Donations are being accepted here.


Grassroots Sponsorship Program

Tribe is always on the hunt for great talent to join the blood line, do you have what it takes?

If so please send a brief explanation and a link to your online portfolio or video(s) in which you would like for the Tribal counsel to review. Some rider will be asked to join the Tribe  on 2 separate levels. Level one riders will receive product at factory cost as level 2 riders will receive product for free (otherwise known as flow). What are you waiting for join the Tribe today.